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5 Electrical safety tips

5 Electrical safety tips

There is nothing more devastating than watching your home or business premises burn. Especially, when it has to do with little things that you know you could prevent it, only if you knew about them.

Sometimes, the damage can be so bad that owners are not able to recover from the losses. Even those with insurance policies take a while to be compensated. But, the fact still remains; it is never going to be the same.

With the current power supply problems, it is not easy to keep your home safe.  Mr. Rockson a victim of an electrical fire states; ‘I had decided to go out with friends one afternoon. My friends were sitting in the car waiting for me.

As I left to join them in the car, it struck me to feel my pockets to ensure I had my wallet on me. Unfortunately, the wallet was not. I excused them, rushed back into the room to collect it.

When I opened the door, he says, I could not believe what I saw. The entire room was full of smoke. I stood back a second, wondering what could be the cause.

I could see my computer that was playing music a while ago emitting an unbelievable amount of smoke. I rushed to unplug it from the mains, took it outside and shouted for the attention of my friends.’

The Ghana national fire services place the blame on “illegal connection” and non-adherence to fire safety policies by individuals and companies.

Electricity is a major cause of fire in this part of the world and keeping safe is very important. Below are 5 tips to help you keep safe.

Observe your circuit breakers.

A breaker that trips immediately after it is reset is telling you that there’s an electrical problem.

Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to these. Sure, sometimes the breaker itself is to blame, and in some cases, there may just be too large an electrical load operating on that circuit.

But it’s more likely that the breaker is tripping because there’s a severe electrical problem. Keep pressing that breaker and you’re likely to cause a fire. The best thing to do is to contact a professional for advice.

Switch off main power supply.

It’s more advisable to prevent the incident of an outbreak than to repair. If you perceive a strange smell that you suspect to be coming from electrical wiring, switch off the main power supply and investigate.

Never throw water on an electrical fire.

In the heat (ahem) of the moment, grabbing a bucket of water can seem tempting, if unreasonable. Water conducts electricity (this is why you don’t want to be in a lake during a lightning storm), so throwing water on the fire could cause it to get larger. Instead, use your chemical fire extinguisher.

 Make sure to replace or repair loose electrical fixtures

Loose sockets, switches, and wiring should be replaced as fast as possible. Most of these loose fixtures are the ones that we use frequently.

If not replaced, there is a high risk of shocks and fire outbreaks. It is advisable not to do it yourself if you don’t have prior knowledge of how to replace them. Call a professional and prevent the worse.

Make sure you have at least two fire extinguishers.

As one can’t easily tell the immediate cause of fire, it’s safer to use fire extinguishers than water.

Using water on a fire that is caused by electricity, for instance, is a like adding fuel to fire. Moreover, it’s a national safety policy to have one. Below are steps on how to use a fire extinguisher effectively.

Pull the fire extinguisher’s safety pin.

Aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the extinguisher’s handle.

Sweep the extinguisher’s nozzle in a side-to-side motion until the flames are out.


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