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What Everyone Is Saying About Civil Engineering Contractors in Ghana

Civil Engineering Contractors in Ghana

While there are many civil engineering contractors in Ghana, not all of them can be really classified as true civil engineering contractors.

There the few and trusted once like FNJ Investments and the many others that grow the volumes of data of complaints, which everyone is talking about.

Despite the fact that there are regulatory bodies working on keeping only the best civil engineers around, the others always find a way to stay competitive in terms of winning contracts.

The problem with these poor performing civil engineering contractors is the fact that they give the whole industry a bad name. Below are some of the things that everyone is saying about civil engineering contractors.

1.      The capabilities of civil engineering contractors

A lot of people are not happy with the capabilities of most local civil engineering contractors in Ghana. When we talk about capabilities, we are talking about the financial, technical and logistical strength of a civil contractor in handling certain jobs.


Many civil firms have over the years bitten way more than they can really chew. They will do whatever it takes to get the contracts even though they know they are not capable of executing them.


This has led to nothing but inferior performances that has kept everybody wondering how they even got those contracts in the first place.

The general public is the user of most construction facilities, especially government contracts.

More importantly, they are the fair assessors of construction works executed and they are currently not happy with the way certain firms work.


Taxpayers monies have been wasted, real estate owners are frustrated and even individual home builders are asking the question why certain civil engineers still have their certificates.

2.      Lack of supervision

Just like the saying that “when the cat is not the around, the mice become homeowners”, so are some civil contractors in Ghana. Everybody is worried sick of the fact that civil engineers are left to go scot-free after delivering shoddy jobs.

There are regulatory laws and bodies responsible for keeping every industry in check and the civil engineers are not an exception.

The question now is, if there are actually laws and bodies tasked to make sure that there is the best of civil engineers and civil works, why does it seem like there are none?


For so many reasons including bribery and corruption, politics and the like, these systems seem to have lost their edges.

If I, as an individual know what that, I can go to a bank a take a loan and when I don’t pay no one will hold me responsible, why will I even make efforts to pay it back? This is what the lack of supervision in the industry has caused us.

For lack of supervision, there is always delay in contract execution, poor performance unwarranted job abandoning etc.

3.      Excessive contract pricing

It is not uncommon in Ghana that people are crying due to high charges of civil engineers. While some blame this on politics, other people also feel the politicians are not the only people to blame.

Why would an ethical civil contractor agree to a contract that he/she clearly knows its price has been inflated? After all, it is not that hard to know if a contract is has been overpriced.

Even the layman can compare two contracts of similar sizes and know if there is price inflation.

These are some of the devastating effects of point 2. The fact the contractors can do whatever they want and will not be questioned.

The people are complaining due to the fact that these activities are not helping the country as a whole. Why would a government with all its power be cheated by a civil engineer?

Also, why would a civil contractor want to charge twice the price of a contract price for a single contract?

According to a news file on Graphic Ghana, a minister of state tries to make clear the differences between the local firms and the foreign firms in terms of performance, capacity and ethical standards.





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