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Construction and drones

Construction and drones

(UAV)  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, popularly known as drones are aircraft either controlled by pilots or automated.  The name drone is associated more with the military as it is an aircraft used for military operation where it’s deemed more risky for human.

With the growth of technology, various versions of these aircrafts have been developed for different purposes. They have been adopted into the construction industry, and they are really making big changes to the way things used to be done, the way things are done, and the way things would be done in the future.

The use of drones has help construction in many ways and in many aspects including,

  1. Great Surveying time cuts.

Drones are now used to survey construction sites almost cutting surveying time to half.  According to a research, the killer feature of drones is their speed. According to Identified Technologies, the lead time of a traditional aerial survey of a 100-acre area (400,000sqm) by helicopter is about 12 weeks. The total time includes a four-week booking lead time, data gathering, and data processing. For a manned survey team, the lead time for the same task is about seven weeks, of which data gathering takes four weeks. A subscription drone service gathers the data in nine minutes and provides the whole service in six hours!

  1. Day to day progress tracking and structural inspection.

Project managers of large construction sites use drones to do structural inspection and track the day to day progress of work.  A study revealed that drones have many benefits over traditional methods: improved worker safety, no need to stop the traffic, and overall lower costs. Drones can provide both infrared and 3D modeling detail of bridges, identify concrete delamination, gather topographic mapping detail, and efficiently map riverbank conditions.

I believe that with the fast growth and development of technology, there will be greater benefits from the use of these aircraft. As mentioned above, they are already making massive impacts on the way construction is done and the time used for constructional processes.





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