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Construction Focus

Pillars of our success

Design & Planning

Most productivity lost on a construction project is not lost due to actual task production (speed of work) but is lost because the work was not planned out properly.
We design our projects meticulously and to the last detail with accurate time planning and interdependencies listed out in full.
This helps us to reach the timelines setout and also give us ample notice to plan everything on the ground – people, tools and material.
Any unforeseen situations – which are plenty in construction industry and in Ghana, we are ready with alternate plan post haste.


Our team of well-trained employees is our strongest competitive advantage and includes approximately 15 salaried professionals and more than 150 daily trade’s people who embody our common Values of Trust, Discipline, Teamwork, Cost Consciousness and Customer Focus.
Our results-oriented workforce includes professional staff ranging from Civil Engineers, Accountants, and Administrators to unionized Operating Engineers and Laborers, who thrive in a dynamic work environment that brings many challenges, but also great rewards. We take pride in “getting the job done right”.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the client about the quality of the work is of prime importance during the construction phase and the certified quality should provide a guarantee on the longevity of industrial and commercial solutions.
FNJ employs reputed 3rd party Quality Assurance Companies that test every raw material that is purchased for the site and ensures every process used in the construction process is of standard specifications.
The results from the Quality Assurance Company is sent to the Client directly and includes the testing results for steel, blocks, concrete cast at site, imported soil, sand and quarry chippings.