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How to get the best out of your contractor

How to get the best out of your contractor

A lot of you may have been wondering how to get the best out of your contractors.

Furthermore, Most of us, whether we are individuals or companies, often find ourselves battling it out most of the time with our contractors for lack of quality, delays and payment issues.

The worst scenario is when we fail to handle the problems and we end up in court. This is the last place I personally would want to find myself if I were handling a project. This is for reasons such as


  1. Further delay in the project completion
  2. Extra cost, in terms of court fees, attorney’s charges etc.
  3. It could lead to even poorer performance by the contractor due to frustration

It is very right for you to demand quality. But, before you start hustling your contractor, you might want to make sure you are not the very reason why the contractor is not given you the quality that you seek.

Your contractor is a human just like you and therefore will react to certain levels of distractions or pressure.

How to get the best out of your contractor could be really easy especially if you look to make sure that at least your contractor doesn’t blame the poor performance on you.

Below are a few things to do, if you really want to get the best out of your contractor

1.      Prompt payment of work certificates or milestones.

In order to get the best out of your contract, you need to ensure that all payments due are received at the right time and in full.

This ensures that the contractor is able to acquire the material he needs and pay his workers to ensure a smooth flow of work.

In a larger project, for instance, contractors that acquire huge loans would have to pay back those loans in order to acquire new once to continue with the work.

If payments are not received early, there would certainly be delays and these delays could cost you a lot more money.

2.      Do not interfere with the work of the contractor

You would be doing yourself, your contractor and your project a big favor if you stayed away as much as possible.

Except when really necessary, the contractor needs all the space that he can get from you.

This enables them to work uninterruptedly increasing the chances of your project completing at the designated time.

When you are always around telling them how they should do this or that and how that is done wrongly or rightly, just know that you are sure not helping.

3.      Be honest and open in your dealings with your contractor

Getting the best out of your contractor is not by trying to outsmart your contractor. To be honest, your contractor has that advantage and can outsmart you in many ways you couldn’t even imagine.

The best way is, to be honest, and open about any situation before, during and after the contract. For instance, we are most of the time tempted to hide certain facts about certain situations in order to avoid the real cost involved.

These facts will be noticed during the construction processes and the extra cost will still be demanded. It will do you good if you were honest with them, and made provisions.

When you have done all the above, Most good contractors like FNJ investments will deliver at the right time without any compromises on quality. If you can’t trust contractors with your work, it’s better not to hire them in the first place.

It’s a fact that we have imposters that can’t be trusted but, if you did your research well you would have found a good contractor like FnJ investments with a rich enough portfolio to earn your trust.



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