Hi everyone, I was wondering what kind of modern real estate I would like to live in if I could afford any estate house.

Well, who wouldn’t want to live in a cool house? In a cool estate, where everything is well organized and synchronized.

By the way, when I talk about modern real estate housing, I am talking about the ability to incorporate a modern lifestyle into the estate building and estate community planning.

We all have big dreams of how we want to live, and I can guess, not all modern real estate housings will fit our lifestyle, or perhaps, what will make us achieve our dream of living our dream life.

For this reason, and for the sake of planning and saving; I have decided to put together 3 modern real estate housings, the cost of acquiring a house in any of them, and the company that sells them.

Also, I have taken the pain of adding a contractor that can help you get your estate constructed if you were an estate developer.

It doesn’t hurt to know how much your dream house may cost, does it? I think it’s rather more beneficial.

It will help you plan, save and even visual in your mind a better picture of your dream home.

Or, if you are planning to take real estate as your business, you can also find out what modern trends are and what is more appealing.

  1. The first, but in no particular order of ranking, is TRASACCO VALLEY. When any one hears of Trasacco, what comes to mind is luxury, best modern designs, and riches, and they have lived up that.

With the very best of ultra-modern estate designs, to the best of finishes, security, and well-planned communities, Trasacco to their credit have accomplished all this since their establishment.

The ONLY problem is, Price L.O.L. The least one will pay for a house in Trasacco is about $2million US Dollars (GH8, 799,988.28). I can see this doesn’t sound very funny.

Well with the kind of quality and luxury that comes with their housings, much goes into projects like that, and therefore much is expected as they would want to make profits to stay in business. It is the nest for the very rich and famous in the Ghanaian society.


  1. Unlike Trasacco, which is housing the very rich in society, Devtraco tends to focus more on the average society.

Their housings are of modern designs and are more affordable to the middle class in society. Well-designed communities with police stations and fire services, pools, recreational centers and more.

Their housing and communities are planned with the modern lifestyle in mind.

The starting price for a house in the East End Condos is $68,833.00 (Gh302, 864.80). Depending on what you do, it could be a fair price or very expensive.

A lot of planning and financial investments are put in to these projects, and since they are not running charities, these prices are expected. It’s a good place to live in.

  1. FORTUNE CITY. Their motto is “our housing, your fortune”. I guess you already know what they are talking about.

With housing worth $400,000.00 (GH1, 759,997.66), swimming pools,             security, recreational centers and more, they sure have the modern trend of housing in mind.

Hope you had a nice time servicing your eyes with these great modern real estate housings and community designs.

All credit to the photographers who took the shots and the companies. My dream is Trasacco. You can share your dream in the comments. Thanks for reading.

IMPORTANT! Depending on who you are, and what you are looking for, there is one company who can build and even exceed the milestones achieved in these nice modern housing designs that I would like you to know.

If you were a real estate developer looking for a civil contractor that can give you even better standards, FNJ INVESTMENT can guarantee you that without hesitations.


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