Save your life, by avoiding these habits at a construction site

Save your life, by avoiding these habits at a construction site

A construction site is a place where a building is to be located or renovated. Staying safe is important and a safe construction site is a productive and successful workplace say safety experts.

The construction site is like a death zone as many safety professionals will describe it. With pits and trenches, huge construction equipment and stocks of poisonous chemical substances, there is always a need to keep safe as much as possible.

Below are four of the most critical things to avoid in order to stay safe at a construction site.

1.      The habit of NOT reading operating manuals

If you are the type who always wants to get to the action without taking a second to read the operating manual, you should think again.

It doesn’t matter your level of experience or your level of expertise, it is still very important you read operating manuals especially on the construction site.


If you really want to save your life, you should treat the operating manual like a tour guide. So that before you take your very first step, you know exactly what the outcome would be.


You are taking a lot of risks trying to operate new machinery without checking their manual. Technology changes fast, and just because you have operated a similar machine before doesn’t mean they are all the same.

2.      The habit of NOT wearing protective clothing

I don’t personally see a good reason one would not want to wear protective clothing at a construction site. Protective clothing such as gloves, helmets, overalls, and boots are like your life wire at the construction site.

This is a place where there are so many things that can harm you. There are always nails and small sharp objects, hot parts of machines, falling tools, slippery floors, and revolving parts of machines that can harm you at any time if the right protective clothes are not worn.

3.      Keeping your labor force working for longer hours

One major cause of accidents at the site is fatigue and exhaustion. When people are so tired, they tend to be sluggish and accident prone. They easily make mistakes, and mistakes can lead to fatal accidents.

It is, therefore, best practice to avoid the habit of keeping labor at their post just because you need a job done at a particular time.

You might have deadlines to catch up with, but also think of how fast you will be completing the job if there is an accident.

It will even take you longer hours or probably days to finish the same job you could have finished in a shorter period should you have used best practices.

4.      The habit of NOT using Signage

Signage provides banner indications on how, when, and what to do at a particular time, in a particular location to ensures the safety of customers, workers, and passersby.

It might look cheaper on the side of the contractor not to use signage on his construction site but, the truth is, it is riskier and more expensive as compared to using them.


Think of how much it would cost a contractor if a smoker passing by didn’t know that the tank he just dropped his cigarette under is filled with petrol. It will cost less to print or create a no smoking sign that could have prevented any accident or explosion than it would cost the contractor to buy the lost fuel and compensate the injured.


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