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The right partner for estate developers in Ghana

The right partner for estate developers in Ghana

Finding the right partner for estate developers in Ghana is a topic one can’t overlook.

There is a big prospect for the real estate industry in Ghana considering the housing deficit which is at 1.7million units currently.

This has caused the government to take steps to attract more private investment to help mitigate the deficit.

The government has also taken serious steps to help lay fertile grounds for the growth and development of the industry.

This does not mean that the industry has no more problems to worry about. The activities of major players in the industry have raised eyebrows over the years.

How they relate and collaborate with each other particularly has not been the most effective way that would promote the growth of the industry.

For instance, estate developer contractor relation, financial sector contractor or estate developer relations.

The Estate industry

Given the nature of the construction industry in Ghana, finding the right partner for your estate project can be a big task.

Starting from impostors, the use of foul means of obtaining contracts to the inability of contractors to fund projects are all headaches of estate developers in Ghana.

Due to marketing and branding, it has become even harder to identify the right partner for your estate project.

As an estate developer, you would want to make the best out of your budget, time and still make sure that at the end of the day, your products are affordable.

This requires efficiency from every angle making finding the right partner for your project a very crucial process.

There are in fact immense benefits when you find the right partner.

Just like finding a good wife, who will give you the right mindset and partners your every effort, the same is finding the right contractor for your project.


FNJ INVESTMENTS is one of the few contractors out there that have carved for themselves a reputation that makes them a better partner for every real estate developer in Ghana.

This reputation they have acquired after many years of exhibiting professionalism, hard work, dedication, and devotion to providing unmatched results in both commercial and residential construction projects.

Their portfolio is a big one and that only tells how credible they are at what they do. FNJ investments have handled many projects in Ghana.

These, include G4 luxury apartments, commercial and residential apartments in North industrial area and the  CIMAF factory at Tema Freezone which was opened on the 30th of November 2016.

They have a vast pool of resources and expertise combined with many years of experience enabling them to meet your demands.

In your quest to bring your dream to live, you may want to consider a partner that is wealthy of your partnership.

Remember that the consequences of a wrong choice in this can lead to many sleepless nights.


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