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Top building contractors in Ghana

Top building contractors in Ghana

Top building contractors in Ghana are the building contractors that have proven beyond reasonable doubt in many aspects of the building industry. One of such top building contractors in Ghana is FNJ INVESTMENT.

FNJ Investments, established in 2010, is a reputed construction company in Ghana that has executed construction work for some of the large and interesting commercial projects in Ghana.

They continue to improve the structural landscape through several prestigious projects in the industrial and residential spaces.

I personally believe that it’s not right to judge the top building contractors in Ghana by the number of marketing campaigns or its age or popularity. The top spot should be given to those who have proven and will continue to prove that they deserve the top spot.

Right from the onset, FNJ INVESTMENT has shown quiet character in their field of speciality. They have been involved in landmark construction projects in Ghana. Projects that have helped shape the main city of Ghana Accra and projects that have helped Ghana to develop.

As to whether FNJ INVESTMENT is a part of the top building contractors in Ghana, I will let you judge by presenting to your something from their track records.

1.       The CIMAF cement factory

The CIMAF cement factory is one of the biggest cement factories in Ghana currently with a production capacity of 1 million tons. CIMAF is a giant when it comes to cement production and marketing and they had intentions to establish their presence in Ghana.

Making FNJ INVESTMENTS their civil contractor for their first project in Ghana meant a lot. The project consisted of a ball mill, packing plant, grinding building, silo foundations, weighbridges, additive and clinker sheds, electrical and transformer rooms, office building, workshop, roads, drainages, fire system, cable pits and cable trenches, landscaping and hardscaping.

This project was supposed to be completed in 18month and as a characteristic of FNJ, they delivered without any compromise to what so ever. All the works ware done precisely, and with the best of quality that could be obtained. Below is what CIMAF had to say.

“According to a client representative from CIMAF, FNJ did an excellent job by completing the project within scheduled time and without any issues regarding quality.

Also in his perspective, the project done by FNJ in Ghana was the best in terms of quality of civil works among all the projects of CIMAF across Africa.

The accuracy with which FNJ constructed the ball mill superstructure with all the embedded elements positioned with a high degree of precision elicited awe among CEMTEC personnel, who were installing the cement plant.

All in All, the clients were extremely happy to have awarded this project to FNJ”.

2.      The longest single warehouse in Ghana

I don’t know if you have heard of the longest single warehouse in Ghana but, it’s one long warehouse trademarking the abilities of FNJ.  A dream storage space for COCOBOD brought to reality by FNJ.

It was a Turnkey project for 20,000m2 of warehouse space and 15,000m2 of parking and 800m2 of offices for the use of COCOBOD at Kpone, Tema.

The project was completed in 11months given COCOBOD no regrets for making FNJ their choosing contractor.

Bringing such a big project to live is not an easy task. But FNJ Investments showed their superiority by delivering the longest single warehouse in Ghana on scheduled time without unnecessary delays.

This shows their level of expertise and capabilities.

This is also a good reason why they deserve to be among the top building contractors in Ghana.

3.      Civil Works & Interiors for Sahel-Sahara Bank, Achimota

FNJ is not only good at putting up structures. They are also well known for their expertise on the inside.

With lots of offices and banking space to finish, FNJ was involved in turning empty spaces into banking halls and state of the art office spaces.

This makes them a complete building contractor and therefore deserves a spot at the top of building contractors in Ghana.

4.      Civil Works & Interiors for Royal Bank, Achimota & North Industrial Area

When the royal bank needs a top contractor to trust it’s civil and interior works too, it looks no feather than FNJ.

This is because of the long list of quality works done by FNJ. Their major strength is their passion to deliver without excuses and unnecessary complaints.

Due to this, they acquired the best of equipment, human resources and the financial capital to aid them in every project

The above is a just few of the many outstanding works that FNJ INVESTMENTS have done since the state operation. Their zeal to continue to achieve these results is why they are a part of the top building contractors in Ghana.


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